Why Writing Ain’t as Good as It Used to Be

Writing has evolved, and it has been influenced by various factors which include technology, social media and the internet. The explosion of content is responsible for the changes in writing habits that we witness today, especially bad writing habits. Social media platforms have revolutionised communication and socialisation among people and communities, and this has not been of much help to writing.

People send fewer letters today. Social Media is swamping people with content and making them have lesser time for writing. Technological advances in hardware and software are revolutionising communications while giving rise to new forms and methods of accessing content. The internet is continuously coming with innovations that make communication and record keeping easier. Thanks to all these aspects, writing today is not as good as it used to be.

Social Media

Social platforms are addictive, and they swamp users with a lot of written and audiovisual content. This has created a binging culture where people stay glued to social media all day. The effect of this is that it creates an imbalance in activities.

Before this golden age of social media, letters constituted a large part of communication. People used to write to their folks regularly. Mails were the order of the day. Writing flourished since many people actively wrote to their friends and loved ones from different parts of the world.

Social Media has made it easy to communicate with anyone around the world, and while people write to convey information, this does not match how letters inspired writing among people. People on social media platforms communicate using audiovisual channels, GIFs and images, notable screenshots.

This has suppressed the activity of writing, and it has contributed to the evolution of writing.

The Internet

Internet innovations continue to revolutionise the world in many ways. From GIFs to video calls, the internet has resulted in innovations that have had a considerable influence on the art of writing. Why write while emotions can be expressed better using a GIF?

These emerging techniques and know-how have changed communication considerably, and have contributed to the reduction of text communication and a reduction in the extent of writing.

People Write Less These Days

Notably, the number of folks who write these days is incomparable to those in the past. There are many dead blogs and websites scattered over the internet today, and this can be statistic can only get better. This is a clear indication that active writers are writing less and are making up for writing by indulging in other activities.

People Are Spending Less Time Reading Books

In today’s digital age, people are reading fewer books compared to old times. It is easy to get carried away over the internet since there is information in text and visual form coming from different areas that need your attention. This reduces focus and prevents total concentration in a specific activity.

The chances are high that people who read books these days do not read them to completion, and if they complete them, it is after a long period of postponement.

The effect of this is that people write less since the motivation to write reduces. The digital age has shifted the focus and priorities of many individuals and has led explicitly to new habits and ways of spending time.

Audiovisual Content is Revolutionising How People Share Information

Writing has been the primary framework of communication for a long period. However, the rise of audiovisual content has not been a good thing for the art of writing. People prefer to create and consume audiovisual content since it has a lasting effect and is easy to obtain information.

Statistics indicate that people are turning to audiovisual content for information on different subjects, and this is accelerating the shift from reading and writing. The effect of this is that writing is undergoing a silent suppression, and this has further made writing less appealing than it used to be in the past.

Rules Have Changed

These days, the rules of the craft have changed, and this trend is set to continue due to the evolving times and evolving needs. Nowadays, for example, people cannot write in freestyle if they want their content to have massive viewership on the web.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) requires a writer to strategically place keywords and keyword phrases in different parts of the article. In all fields of writing, be it content writing, creative writing, academic writing or copywriting, the rules have changed, and this has had an impact on writing as an art.

On a final note, writing today is not as good as it used to be. As much as the rise of technology has led to new ways of sharing content, publishing content, and storing content; it has also had a negative impact on writing.

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