Holla folks! I am Lucas. Most of the time I`m based in Belgium, and am about to obtain my BC in law at University of Hasselt. However, don’t expect to catch me anywhere in Europe this 2018 – only Central America`s countries! As I am the lucky one to fulfil my dream of real life history discoveries! So get ready for our journey on my blog page: you will get not just some posts from tours and sightseeing, but a portion of various jokes, local traditions, and some educational hints intrinsic for the particular place I`m in.

A year ago I believed that my trip to Bhutan and three weeks in Punakha region were the most extreme and unique thing I would have done in my life. How wrong was I by saying that! The writing of my diploma while on a trip and so far away from my country, most of the time even without any internet connection, is the most extreme thing I have done in my life yet. With the hot-price for tickets to the dream destination and a desire to score the top results in university I had nothing else to do than to sit and dedicate a whole week to complete my assignment traveling by plane, bus, and train. You know, nevertheless all of my friends were telling me it was impossible, I made it possible. Now, there is nothing I`m afraid of (well, maybe except for snakes) and it would be my pleasure to help you with some writing tips for your essay or thesis.