I know you often ask me questions about my blog, education, hobbies, family and personal life, etc, so here are some answers to questions you might find intriguing.

How did you come up with the idea of blogging?

  • The very first impression of blogging and social media itself I got from the Gossip Girl show. Blogging wasn`t popular at that time, it was more like a tweetering thing people were obsessed. However the first seeds for the future harvest were deeply placed in my mind.

Why do you travel such strange places? Why don`t you go to Paris, or London, or some village in France?

  • I strongly believe you should go wild while you`re young, and stay low when you`re old. Why to spend my best years in such calm and touristic places like Paris, London, or a village in France, when I can go hiking somewhere in Tanzania, or join a fish hunt in the waters of Amazonia?

Now you`re finishing your university and obtaining a BC in law. What are you going to do afterwards?

  • I have a lot on my mind right now. First, there is a list of places I`d love to see before I turn 30. Second, I still feel like applying for the Mgr in the United States or the United Kingdom. Time will tell, but be sure I will keep all of my followers updated.

When you feel blue or out of the place, what do you do?

  • My best cure is a cup of hot chocolate with fresh goat milk (the real hot chocolate, not the Nesquik thing) and a lounge playlist in the earphones. But a one way to Rio during the carnival season wouldn`t be a bad thing either.