How to Write a College Application Essay and Prepare for College Entry?

Future students encounter a problem before applying for college: their college application essay. They are very afraid and have no idea how to make it perfect enough to be accepted into college.

You shouldn’t try to change the way you write an essay. The main thing that should be seen is your personality behind the grades and test scores. Basically, you have to write with passion, and give life to your college application essay.

If this seems impossible to do for you right now, then here are some college essay tips for better chances of getting into college.

How important is a college admission essay?

A college acceptance essay is very important because it’s what determines whether you will be a future student or not. For that reason, it’s essential to write a good one that will convince your target university.

Although admission test scores, grades and curriculum strength are the most important factors, the essay itself is one of the things that determine your future. Your essay should be powerful enough, as it’s relevant to your dream college.

How to write a personal essay?

Starting the essay may be the hardest part of the whole process. The introduction is what draws someone to read even more, so it has to be well-written. Still, you don’t know the right words you should choose when starting the essay.

The introduction of the essay should highlight some relevant things about you. You could start with a short story about something that happened to you. It could help define why you are in a certain way. Afterward, you can show why the story pictures some of your main values, qualities, and beliefs.

If you encounter difficulties, you could look for personal statement examples so you start in an easier way.

Once the introduction is done and is compelling enough, move to the body of the essay. Make sure you successfully transition from one paragraph to another, so the idea flows smoothly and the reader understands your message.

The conclusion should be just as good as the introduction. It’s important to make sure that you will be remembered when the application selection process happens.

Therefore, it’s important to follow the proper college essay format, so the essay is beautifully organized.

What are the types of essays you can write?

If you didn’t know, college admission essays come in different types. So, you don’t have to stick to that boring type you were afraid of. You have plenty of options to choose from.

Here are the four types of college essays you could write to let your imagination flow and write in a more natural way:

  1. Why that particular college?

This is self-explanatory. It’s an essay where you are going to write why you want to spend some years of your life in that particular university. What do they have compared to other universities?

This type of essay shows how interested you are in this college and if you are fit to become a student there.

To successfully write this essay, you should think about how the admission officers are going to see you. If you’re applying for a literature major, check out the site’s literature department. Look for professors you’d like to work with, activities you’d like to do at college, and others. The officers must see that you’d be a positive contribution to the school.

  1. Personal Statement

This is the type of essay where you could ’’show off”. Basically, it’s where you talk about an experience that shows the officers who you are. These essays show a part of you that is not visible from letters, your resume, and others.

So, to properly write this, you can write about anything that played an important role in your life. Make sure it’s not covered by the rest of your essay, though. This must show the admission officers how unique you are.

  1. Intellectuality

You go to college to study, right? Well, it’s essential to show your target school what you like to study in your free time.

You could talk about your favorite school subjects, for example. Show the admissions committee something about yourself that’s not shown in your application. They should know what makes you so eager to study at their school.

  1. Favorite activity

You can basically talk about your passions and hobbies to show the committee a part of yourself. Talk about why you love it so much. Convince the officers how great your passion is.

How long should an essay be?

Quality is valued over quantity, so you shouldn’t have the length of the essay as the first thing on your mind. Usually, they are between 200 and 650 words. After all, the committee has a lot of other essays to read, right?

College essay ideas

Here are some essay ideas to offer you some writing help:

  • Write about your life goals
  • Talk about a time when you failed at something and its influence on you
  • Talk about something you’re very passionate about
  • Describe how a certain activity has impacted your life
  • Talk about a time when you had to be brave

Tip: If you’re very confused, look for some college essays that worked. Maybe you will find something that inspires you.


College admission essays are very important if you want to successfully enjoy your college years. If you don’t want to seek the help of a writing service to be accepted into university, make sure you work hard for your essay.

You are the free essay writer you’re looking for. Therefore, look for every information you can and choose the right type of essay that will work for you. You need to enjoy writing your essay if you want the officers to feel your burning passion.

If you didn’t know how to write an essay to be accepted into your dream college, this guide hopefully provided the essay writing tips that you needed.