The Advantages and Disadvantages of Online Education


Online education is becoming a trend in the current education system. While it seems to have too many benefits, it also has its dark side. Do you want to choose between online and classroom learning? Check the following are the advantages and disadvantages of online education before you decide:

  • It Is Less Expensive

Online education cuts out housing and travel cost. Additionally, the fee you pay to undertake an online course is less compared to classroom learning. Another good thing is that you can continue working as you study. Therefore, it does not excise your streams of income.

  • It Is Convenient

The convenience of online learning illuminates itself in various aspects. To begin with, it eradicates any challenge brought about by the unfriendly geographical location of the school. Two, you do not have to commute to college. If you are learning pace is low, online education suits you since you can set the speed at which you want to learn the subject. In case you have not grasped an aspect, you can rewind the lesson until you understand.

  • High Flexibility

To students with other commitments, online education offers them a high level of flexibility compared to classroom learning. With online learning, you decide when, where, and how you study. While the workload is the same as in classroom learning, an online student has more power to decide on where and how to deal with it.

  • Freedom To Access Writing Services

Some institutions do not encourage students to seek online writing services. They feel that if the students get fond of it, they may become lazy, which is not the case for online students. They have the freedom to access these services.

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  • Not Affected By Boundaries

With online education, you cannot run out of the choice of schools. You can study in any school around the world. There is no discrimination against the students. Students from any part of the world can learn together.

  • No Social Interaction

Social interaction is crucial for college students to some extent. While you interact with your fellow students, you learn from them, you boost your confidence, and make friends who would be of benefit for a lifetime. Additionally, there is no personal interaction with instructors. Online students often communicate through emails. It can only get closer through video calls.

  • May Promote Laziness

Some online students do not complete their courses due to the freedom it has. They fail to commit to a given course because of a lack of proper planning or poor time management. For students without the virtue of self-leadership, online learning does not suit them.

  • Bad Reputation

If potential employers find online student and classroom students in their interviews, chances are, classroom student receives an upper hand. Online learning has a bad reputation in the job market. Employers relate it to laziness. They feel that online students do not have the soft skills required in the labor market.

  • Limited Number Of Courses

Most courses are not accessible online. Subjects that require experiments are not Accessible online. Therefore, students who would prefer to undertake a Medicine course or chemistry online may not have the chance to do so.


If you are a student and you are wondering whether to go for online or classroom learning, the above point will help you make an informed decision. Analyze both sides and choose the one that suits your interests.