The Most Interesting Grant Opportunities for This Year

Grants can help you to pursue or complete your research in a particular field, which can help you to advance regarding academics. Depending on your field of study, some grants exist for different areas, and these are opportunities for advancement academically. Grants could come with a specific set of requirements depending on the individual or the organization that is offering the grant.


Further, grants are also time-bound, and they are only given to specific periods of time and could be released in phases or tranches depending on the activity, project, or research in progress. This is a round-up of some of the interesting grant opportunities to apply for in 2018, and it could come in handy if you are seeking to apply for a grant to help you with your project.


The Harpo Foundation for Visual Artists

The Harpo Foundation for Visual Artists seeks to cultivate and develop creativity and new ways of thinking in the world of art. With awards of at least $10, 000, this grant is designed for individuals who are well-versed in visual art, and who have the potential to come up with outstanding artwork in any field. The grant is also targeted to individuals who are above the age of 21, and who are under-recognized.


There are other requirements for applying for this grant on the Foundation’s website, and those who can fulfill those requirements are eligible for applying for this grant. Further, their chances of getting an award are also high.


Lights, Camera, Liberty

This program is open to think tanks which are in the United States and beyond to apply for the Lights, Camera, Liberty training program which seeks to offer a year of on-site training, workshops, equipment and technology support. There will also be a festival competition for organizations which are committed to sharing the freedom message with crucial audiences through online videos.


This grant offers financial support, registration and accommodation and the eligibility to compete in the annual film festival competition at Atlas Network’s Liberty Forum and Freedom Dinner. There are cash prizes for the winner of this dinner.


National Geographic Exploration Grant

Most exploration grants applications are requests for funding by experienced project leaders in the fields of technology, research, education, storytelling, and conservation. This grant project spans for one year or even less, and if you have previously received an exploration grant, you should make a point of ensuring that you have closed your previous grant record before taking up or applying for this one.


Often, projects are funded for sums which range between $10, 000 and $30, 000, and the duration of the project must be one year. For those who are going to apply for this project, evidence of successful completion of similar projects with solid results is mandatory. Demonstration of success in past projects is a common requirement in most applications for grants, and this is because experience increases your confidence when pursuing a new project and also convinces the donors that you have what it takes to undertake a particular project.


John Simon Guggenheim Foundation Fellowships

The John Simon Guggenheim Foundation offers fellowships and grants to visual artists from the US and Canada. Grants are awarded to scholars who want to engage in research in any field of knowledge as far as the field is related to the arts. However, applicants should note that the Foundation does not guarantee if it will entirely fund the project and that the amounts available for grants vary. The deadline for applications is later this year, and applicants are required to include a chronological list of shows along with the dates and places and a comprehensive list of collections which represents their works.


In closing, grants can be very pivotal in discovering new knowledge and ways of doing things. There are dozens of opportunities for grants that need individuals who are determined and hardworking in what they do, and especially the projects that they undertake. Depending on your skills, expertise, and capabilities, some grants exist for all fields of study, and students, as well as other researchers, can explore these opportunities for a chance to win these grants to further their academic aspirations.


Some individuals have had many breakthroughs, thanks to grants and other related arrangements, which have helped them to pursue their academic and research projects. You are well positioned to land a grant if you have undertaken other projects before since it also demonstrates that you have what it takes to initiate and complete a particular project.